The bittersweet story – with an inspiring ending – of a young IDF veteran who maintains an annual vigil for a fallen soldier he never met.
An obviously incomplete, but personally memorable portrait of life in the Jewish State.
Non-support from mainstream groups underscores a deep culture clash within our community.
Ted Comet, who turns 98 this month, is being honored for his remarkable, and ongoing, contributions to American Jewish life.
A tour of Yad Vashem on Yom Hashoah gave me new insights into the national psyche.
Do we ask him to wear a mask – again? Is he heralding better times or warning us to be more vigilant?
The Bennett coalition, Israel’s most inclusive, seemed too good to last.
You’re Invited To … Ask The Seder’s 5th Question … In 6 Words.Dear Reader, The world is in crisis today. (That’s six words) Passover is just around the corner. Please take a moment to reflect, and then join…
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