About Gary Rosenblatt

Often cited as “the dean of Jewish journalism,” Gary Rosenblatt has spent his professional life in the field.

He was editor and publisher of The Jewish Week of New York, the largest and most respected community Jewish newspaper in America, from 1993 to 2019.

Prior to that he was editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times for 19 years.

Rosenblatt has won numerous awards from both the Jewish and secular press for his writing. He was one of two finalists for a Pulitzer Prize in 1985 -- the first time an article in the Jewish media was cited in the competition.

His investigative series in 2000 on a prominent rabbi accused of abusing teens in his charge for more than three decades made international headlines and resulted in a jail sentence for the rabbi.

Rosenblatt is the founder of several Jewish Week projects, including: The Conversation, an annual retreat for leaders and emerging leaders in North America; Fresh Ink For Teens, a webzine written for and by high school students; The Jewish Week Investigative Journalism Fund; and Write On For Israel, an Israel education program -- through journalism -- to prepare high school students for the campus experience.

A collection from 20 years of his weekly columns, “Between The Lines: Reflections on the American Jewish Experience,” was published in 2013.

Here are a few examples of praise for Rosenblatt’s writing:

“Gary Rosenblatt is a discerning observer, a serious reporter and an elegant essayist. Oh, and a mensch. Read him.”

Rabbi David Wolpe, author, rabbi of Sinai Temple, Los Angeles

“How fortunate we are to have a national Jewish treasure in our midst.”

Blu Greenberg, author and activist on Judaism and women’s issues

“Gary Rosenblatt has been the combined Woodward-Bernstein and Walter Lippmann of Jewish journalism, consistently reporting and commenting in incisive, thorough, fair and lively fashion … all while never trumpeting his own achievements, which are considerable, and while engaging with sensitivity in the wider community.”

Joseph Berger, reporter, New York Times

“It’s hard to tell the painful and elusive truths. It’s even harder to do it for decades. We don’t always want to read about ourselves. Thank you, Gary, for being a role model and for doing one of the hardest jobs in our community so well, and with such integrity.”

Dr. Erica Brown, author, lecturer

“Gary Rosenblatt magnificently combines objectivity and attachment, honesty and passion, the values of American journalism and the values of Jewish tradition.”

Leon Wieseltier, editor and critic

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Pulitzer Prize-finalist has been covering the Jewish world for more than four decades, most recently as editor and publisher of The Jewish Week of New York.