Hi Gary,

I agree that it's important to get the word out to the Hebrew-speaking public. There were three stories in the Hebrew press from Mako, Yisrael Hayom and Haaretz. We had additional inquiries from others, including TV, around the time Shaked responded, and this interest likely contributed to her speaking out.

The online petition also garnered a large percentage of its signatures from Hebrew speakers.

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thoughtful perspective, Gary. the last slice is important - who will make sure he leaves the country and what is the timetable. More importantly, is there any momentum for the Israeli gov't to adopt a policy of "No (automatic Return" for those on predator registries in friendly countries like the US, Canada, etc. As for the OU/NCSY, Lanner remains the stain that won't go away. i don't believe the organization has ever formally apologized to the victims. While adopting more stringent policies is a corrective, full teshuva requires charata (true regret and apology to the ones who were harmed).

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