Lovely column. Each year, when we roll lout the bamboo roof, I go on recall: -- conjuring up the sukkah my father built, with green canvas walls and pine schach that left its needles on the table, and that rewarded us with a distinctive smell. That's what I miss most every year.

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Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach.

Each time I read this story, I love it even more.


Be well and love to the whole family,

Stewart Ain

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Wonderful story, Gary! My very first Jewish communal programming effort was as a 15 year old USY'er in Omaha, Nebraska. Not many members of our Conservative shul had sukkot in their backyards, so I designed a simple plan and recruited a bunch of my teenage friends to build a sukkah for $20. We had about a dozen delighted takers. We had no idea what we were doing. On the first night of the holiday, a wind came "sweeping down the plain" and every single one of those sukkot collapsed. A valiant effort. The next year, we brought in adult reinforcements and it was a success. To this day, we use freshly cut corn stalks for schach, a rarity in Southern California where most use palm fronds. Hag sameah!

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